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An important note from Dr. Judge:

We apologize for any confusion that may have been caused by the letter sent by UnitedHealthcare. During the re-credentialing process, UnitedHealthcare requested that we make arrangements for hospital admitting privileges.

Dr. Judge has never been called upon, by any circumstance, to admit a patient to the hospital. To acquiesce to their request, we have associated ourselves with a physician who has hospital admitting privileges and accepts UnitedHealthcare Medicaid.

It has taken some time but the matter has been resolved. There will be NO lapse in coverage for our UnitedHealthcare patients. Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience and look forward to seeing you soon.

Have a beautiful day and happy holidays!
Kathleen W. Judge, MD, FAAD

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Dr. Judge and the team at Central Florida Dermatology Associates strives to provide the highest quality medical, surgical and cosmetic skin care for you and your family. We believe in developing lifelong relationships with our patients; our primary goal is to provide you with the care and services you can trust as your needs change over the course of your lifetime, and are dedicated to delivering only the highest level of patient care. We offer you with the latest treatment options and services in a caring and comfortable environment.

Central Florida Dermatology Associates offers the most current, innovative therapies and treatments for mild to chronic skin conditions. From eczema to pre-cancerous moles, we have the skills and experience to treat you with the latest technologies and provide you with exceptional care and services. Dr. Judge and the skilled professionals at Central Florida Dermatology Associates specialize in: