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Dermal Fillers: Immediately reduce wrinkles, restore volume, and plump lips

Dermal fillers are used during a minimally invasive injectable procedure and are designed to remove wrinkles, soften deep facial creases, return lost volume, and plump thin lips. We carry a wide variety of dermal fillers so that we can address all of these concerns.

Juvederm XC, Juvederm Voluma XC, Juvederm Ultra XCJuvederm Collection

Dermal Fillers: Frequently Asked Questions

What are fillers?

Dermal fillers are injectable gels containing either poly-L-lactic acid (Sculptra), modified hyaluronic acid (Juvederm and Restylane), or Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres (Radiesse). Using a fine needle, your aesthetic specialist injects the smooth gels under the skin.

When will I see results?

You will see results instantly.

What is the treatment experience like?

Our cosmetic coordinator, Ivani, will take your medical history and provide a facial analysis. Be prepared to discuss your aesthetic areas of concern. An appointment will then be scheduled with Dr. Judge. Once you arrive, you will be taken to a treatment room where a topical anesthetic will be applied to the treatment areas. The topical anesthetic generally requires 15-30 minutes to become effective. Dr. Judge will then inject the appropriate dermal filler into the areas requiring correction. Temporary bruising and swelling may occur in treatment areas.

Botox: Relax the muscles that cause crow’s feet and frown lines

BOTOX® Cosmetic is the only approved treatment to temporarily improve the appearance of both moderate to severe frown lines between the brows and crow’s feet around the eyes in adults. BOTOX® Cosmetic is a nonsurgical, injectable treatment performed in one of our treatment rooms by a healthcare provider.

Before: Frown Lineshl1

After: Frown Lineshl2

Before: Crow’s Feethl2

After: Crow’s Feethl2

Botox: Frequently Asked Questions

How does BOTOX® Cosmetic work?

BOTOX® Cosmetic targets one of the underlying causes of frown lines and crow’s feet—the repeated muscle contractions from frowning and squinting over the years. BOTOX® Cosmetic is injected into these muscles to temporarily reduce muscle activity. After an injection, you will begin to notice a visible smoothing of your crow’s feet and frown lines between your brows.

When will I see results?

You may begin to notice results within 7 to 10 days for moderate to severe frown lines, with results lasting up to 4 months.

Will BOTOX® Cosmetic make me look like I’ve had work done?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a technique-sensitive treatment. You should not lose the ability to show expression when you are treated by someone who is licensed, trained, and a medical expert in facial anatomy. It is important to talk to us about the results you want from treatment.

How can I save on treatments?

Enroll in the Allergan’s Brilliant Distinctions® Rewards Program to save money on BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments. You earn points on each BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment that you can redeem for savings on future treatments. You can also earn and redeem points on other selected treatments that your doctor may determine are right for you. In addition, you can earn points when you shop online at your favorite retailers participating in the Allergan Brilliant Distinctions® Mall. As a member you will receive treatment reminders and information about your points balance.

Kybella: No more double chin

KYBELLA® is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment for adults that reduces fullness under the chin by destroying fat cells in the treatment area. KYBELLA® is administered over a series of sessions.

Kybella: Frequently Asked Questions

How does Kybella work?

The active ingredient in KYBELLA® is synthetic deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. When injected into the fat beneath the chin, KYBELLA® destroys fat cells, and once destroyed, these cells can no longer store or accumulate fat. This results in a noticeable reduction in fullness under the chin, revealing an improved chin profile.

How many treatments will I need?

How long will the results last?

When injected into fat under the chin, KYBELLA® causes the destruction of fat cells. Once destroyed, those cells cannot store or accumulate fat. After reaching your desired aesthetic, further treatment is not expected.



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